Pietro Panza 


Pietro Panza is an artist in comparison with the environment, also understood as a formal historical and social political context. A sign in search in the sensitive, subtle world, an expectation to become poetry of which it feeds. Pietro Panza starts from this sign and then finds it, returns to it to understand his roots. He immediately loved the talent and the artistic language of masters such as Burri, Mondrian including the cartoon pen by Sergio Toppi. An artist in continuing evolution who loves to experiment with a mixed technique between resin, plaster, iron, fire and ash, copper tar and rust also leaving deep marks on the artboard that want to speak to our soul.

His works are born from his intimate relationship with nature, which is an integral part of his daily life, and of which he is able to grasp the value, beauty and extreme fragility caused by the hand of modern man.

You can find all the works of Pietro Panza at Arcadia Art Gallery



An artistic project intended to live and grow like the plant world that dwells in Natural Green paintings.
"What is authentically aesthetic is only the relationship".


The plates in Anthropocene propose a description of the world where a reality presents itself and unfolds, a phenomenology of the universe where understanding what is manifested

From the Anthropocene to the Technocene

Art experiments with nature and technique in the ethical-anthropological relationship of an unknown land


Aesthetic Ecology Biodiversity

The narration in the time of the Anthropocene

Art emerges in an urgency of expression and communication