Pietro Panza

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To Pietro Panza

“It is true that the earth we are, the better they are polluting it, but it is still generous and reserves great things that each of us should preserve and enjoy. You can express yourself with a strong personality, enclosing what was produced by artists from the second 900 to today. This does not imply that you imitated them, but absorbed their spirit with loving synthesis not rationally, otherwise it would not be art, but the elusive coming out of the intimate unconscious that awareness does not perceive. Your works are not illustrations of philosophical principles and oriental cultures, even if they may allude to them, but your ancestral link with the nature and spirit of feelings. I quote: “Channels” and “Respect reflected” that put on a material plane the transcendent of Malevician echo of the last period. In “We are light and matter”, “Radica sopra un enso”, there are echoes Mannucciniane scutoreamente and gesture and synthesis Liciniani. Of my own I add what expressed with my ex libris and that the tree takes root in a land also interior and that opens to man with his material and spiritual treasures, and what you do to express your world that digs and takes root in the treasure of the sublime with genuine poetry. I will mention some artists to whom you involuntarily approached: Consagra, Burri, Viani, Minguzzi, Mondrian and others. In “Bios” even Munch and a less decorative Klimt. The fruit of randomness is always lurking. The preciousness of knowing how to link sculpture to painting with a compound material language that enhances the tactile value, make you unique as those who have personality not tied to a current of fashion. Turning to the circle is like wanting to linger to better deepen what encloses its envelope and at the same time is a sun and a cell of hope. A nervousness of Schiele is found in the metal weaves, almost a network of veins that go to nourish the spirit. As you know I’m not a critic but one who values you and gets in the spirit of your artworks.”

Vinicio Verzieri  – Artist
8 Jenuary 2023



An artistic project intended to live and grow like the plant world that dwells in Natural Green paintings.
"What is authentically aesthetic is only the relationship".


The plates in Anthropocene propose a description of the world where a reality presents itself and unfolds, a phenomenology of the universe where understanding what is manifested

From the Anthropocene to the Technocene

Art experiments with nature and technique in the ethical-anthropological relationship of an unknown land


Aesthetic Ecology Biodiversity

The narration in the time of the Anthropocene

Art emerges in an urgency of expression and communication