Pietro Panza

Enviromental poetry

"Give way to the trees" by Franco Arminio

“We need farmers, poets, people who know how to make bread, who love trees and recognize the wind. More than the year of growth, it would take the year of attention. Attention to those who fall, to the sun that is born and dies, to the boys who grow up, attention to a simple lamppost, to a peeling wall. Being revolutionary today means taking away more than adding, slowing down more than accelerating, it means giving value to silence, to darkness, to light, to fragility, to sweetness.”

Poem by Lorenzo Mullon

when the sun shines yellow at sunset
and radiates its horizontal light
the moment comes when everything approaches
and everything seems within reach
then – only then –
you could turn the world around
like a sheet of paper
and put it in your pocket

Poem by Lorenzo Mullon

Time doesn’t go anywhere
It’s a spur of the moment
Of himself

time does not exist
is our sinking
to create the illusion of time



An artistic project intended to live and grow like the plant world that dwells in Natural Green paintings.
"What is authentically aesthetic is only the relationship".


The plates in Anthropocene propose a description of the world where a reality presents itself and unfolds, a phenomenology of the universe where understanding what is manifested

From the Anthropocene to the Technocene

Art experiments with nature and technique in the ethical-anthropological relationship of an unknown land


Aesthetic Ecology Biodiversity

The narration in the time of the Anthropocene

Art emerges in an urgency of expression and communication